Conservation Grant 2020

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We may not be able to bring you our usual training events at the moment, but we do have our annual Conservation Grant to offer our professional members.  This aim of this grant is to support research, education and training in the UK and globally, which may then help to develop animal welfare within your collection. Projects may be in situ or ex situ conservation research, or work experience with a wild population or eco system.

Log on to the members area for the Conservation Grant application form.

Previous grant winners:

2018 - Coral Jonas, Dartmoor Zoo

The money was used to purchase camera traps and equipment to help conduct research on their Iberian Wolves.

’We would like to thank ABWAK for their generous grant of £400 to give us access to equipment to monitor the wolves. We have thoroughly enjoyed putting this study together and Dartmoor Zoo hopes to continue research into Iberian Wolf behaviour in captivity.' Coral Jonas

2019 - Kelly-Marie Lewis

'I am extremely grateful to ABWAK to had been presented with the opportunity to apply for the conservation grant.  The grant allowed me to fulfil a passion and do some real hands on ex-situ conservation work with a charity called Vulpro.

Without the grant this opportunity may had been a distant dream. The grant provided me with an opportunity of a lifetime, I met the most inspirational people and birds and the experience was incredibly valuable and a steep learning curve.

I urge all keepers to continue to expand their education, learning base but most importantly their practical skills. The conservation grant which ABWAK provides enabled myself to do this'  Kelly-Marie Lewis