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ABWAK Giraffid Keepers’ Workshop

ZSL London Zoo - Thursday 6 & Friday 7 October 2022 - Certified by BIAZA

Calling all giraffe and okapi keepers!  ABWAK invite you to our 2 day workshop to share knowledge with fellow keepers, make new contacts and talk about all things giraffid.

Priority booking will be given to giraffe and okapi keepers - please contact info@abwak.org before trying to book if you do not work with these species but would like to attend.

This year’s Giraffid Workshop will offer a range of talks, the opportunity to take part in a choice of practical workshops and finishing off with two remote talks from Julian Fennessy and Sara Ferguson of Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).

The programme has been updated - please check the latest version.

Practical workshops: there will be a footcare workshop which will give a live demonstration on okapi footcare and delegates will get to grips with the principles of footcare using cut-off horse legs to practice on.

Further to this, the delegates will get to choose to take part in the following workshops:

Enrichment making – discussion on considerations when building enrichment devices for giraffids and delegates will get to build a device with materials and tools provided.

Training – an introduction on training and considerations when working with giraffids. This will be an interactive session where delegates will get to ask questions and discuss scenarios.

Silage packing – this session will go through the principles of silage packing and considerations impacting on the quality and safety of the material fed out. The delegates will get the chance to get stuck in and pack a barrel themselves.

Please opt for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of workshop on your booking forms.

Tickets for 2 days £40 ABWAK members and BIAZA collection staff; £80 non-members and include lunch and refreshments.  There will not be single day tickets available for this workshop.

Bookings will not be confirmed unless online registration is completed and full payment has been made.  Places are limited.

Parking - due to an external event renting the zoo’s car park, there is very limited parking available and using public transport is recommended.  If you do want to park, you need to park by 8.30am in the main car park, or if arriving the day before the workshop, wait until after 6pm before parking.  The zoo is now in the ULEZ zone so there will be a charge per day if your vehicle isn’t exempt. Check if your vehicle is exempt for the charge on this link: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle/

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Oct 06 - 07 2022


All Day
ZSL London Zoo


ZSL London Zoo


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